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Back to Life…

( This is only a few miles from my house – however other than the AC, we had no damage )

So it’s been a week, and I’m finally getting back to normal from Hurricane Isaac.   The power was out for 4 days, and then when it came back on, we quickly realized that the AC did not.   So from Friday through yesterday, I basically holed up in my bedroom, huddled up to my portable AC.  August in Louisiana slows everything down; the humidity makes you feel like you are moving in slow motion.

The Lug’s cousin really stepped in and saved the day and helped us replace the condenser outside, for a reasonable price to boot.  So finally I’m back in front of my laptop, starting a normal workday.  Maybe I’ll even get some sewing done this evening – but I’ll probably be cleaning house.

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Once upon a time I was a pretty prolific blogger.

But eh – now I’m spectacularly bad at it.   So this is like try 999.   I’ve got a bunch of interesting crafty business going on – I’m in an online quilting group that has frequent swaps, I’ve got a newly rearranged studio, and I’m taking an online quilting class with my mom.   So there should be a lot to discuss in the near future.

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