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Swap Nightmare!

It was bound to happen basically.  I’ve been a pretty active swapper since the summer, and I hadn’t had a bad experience yet.  Until now.  The swap itself I was excited about – scrappy hexagons!  I love hexagons – and I could get enough to make some pillows out of or something.  That would be awesome.

My first package arrived from the moderator of the swap – they were perfectly made, and actually kind of intimidated me, because I wasn’t sure I would be able to accomplish the same level of skill.

But my second package showed up, and proved that nobody was going to even bat an eye at my n00b sewing skills.  It was not the right size.   Nor were all the pieces hexagon even, look closely at that top left piece.  I am not sure what happened here, honestly.  But after you get something like that, it is really hard to send your pretty blocks out.

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Bad Blogger! Bad Quilter!

So right – I haven’t been blogging…but really its because I haven’t sat in front of my sewing machine in a couple weeks.  Work has been terribly busy, I’ve had a horrible head cold, and to top all of that off, one of my bassets got pyometra and had to have emergency surgery.   Recovery has been slow, but she finally seems like she is back to her normal self, and she got her sutures out yesterday.

I’m really going to try to get in the studio this evening, but it’s looking like its going to be a late workday.  I have two tops that REALLY REALLY need to be assembled.  Quite frankly I’m tired of looking at them.

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