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All cut up!

Wound up heading back and cut all of these out! Yay me!

All Cut out!

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Today’s Progress!

It’s been a while since I felt accomplished with my projects – I actually feel like I got a lot done this afternoon!  First of all I got these very pretty charm packs in the mail today, I love when the mail man delivers presents! I got them cheap, and I think I’m going to put them in my future ottoman reupholstering project I’ve been daydreaming about.   The fabric is Gypsy by Felicity Miller, and I really like it a lot.

Today's Fabric Haul!

The big news though is that I finally finished assembling my 9 patches for my disappearing nine patch.   I haven’t pressed them or anything yet, I really didn’t feel like it.   I also sewed ten units for my next class project, which is going to be a pinwheel quilt.  So yeah!  Sewing!  I do it!

I also made another one of those Stitch and Slash blocks, they are really fun!

Disappearing Nine Patch Update

Paisley Stitch and Slash

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Stitch and Slash Technique

Stitch and Slash Block

Playing around with Carol Ann Waugh‘s Stitch and Slash technique, I started this little block this morning on a whim.  I didn’t really give too much of a thought to the fabric choices, but I definitely think its an interesting idea that I want to explore more.

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Disappearing 9 Patch Progress Report


Last night I was pretty determined to get some sewing in after having a couple of weeks doing absolutely nothing. This is a project for my quilting class, it’s a Disappearing 9 Patch, in Lucy’s Crab Shack.  I managed to get all the rows sewn for my 9 patches, and 3 of them assembled.  This round, in an attempt to get better at matching points, I pressed all the seams open ( I generally press to the dark ).  As you can see, I’m still not hitting them exactly, which is pretty disappointing – I pinned these too!

Also – I made another two dozen HSTs for my back door curtain project, and tidied the studio up a bit – but just a bit.   I still haven’t put my Sparkle Punch project back up on the design wall ( it fell because of the humidity when the lights were out for so long I think) , and I’m scared to move any of the pieces because it will just be harder to find the order and placement of all the units if I do.  So its still in a sad pile on the floor for the moment, maybe I’ll take care of that this evening, I know its going to take forever – but its got to be done sometime.   Barring natural disasters or family tragedy or work emergency or plague of locusts – I really want to wrap that one up this weekend.

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A week later, blah!

Riley Blake - Songbird Layer Cake & Jelly Roll

So its a week later.  I’m still overwhelmed by work, and my studio still looks like a hurricane plowed through it.  It’s probably because of the workload, but I can’t seem to get myself behind the sewing machine.  Yesterday I did press some HST’s open that were sitting on my sewing table, but that is really it.

Above is today’s fabric haul – Riley Blake, Songbird.   It’s some more fabric for my quilting class, but its like two projects away – who knows when I will get around to it.  It’s pretty though.

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Back to Life…

( This is only a few miles from my house – however other than the AC, we had no damage )

So it’s been a week, and I’m finally getting back to normal from Hurricane Isaac.   The power was out for 4 days, and then when it came back on, we quickly realized that the AC did not.   So from Friday through yesterday, I basically holed up in my bedroom, huddled up to my portable AC.  August in Louisiana slows everything down; the humidity makes you feel like you are moving in slow motion.

The Lug’s cousin really stepped in and saved the day and helped us replace the condenser outside, for a reasonable price to boot.  So finally I’m back in front of my laptop, starting a normal workday.  Maybe I’ll even get some sewing done this evening – but I’ll probably be cleaning house.

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