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January Swap – Arkansas Crossroads Blocks


So here are my blocks for my January Swap.   I actually picked this block out for my swap group – the organizer was looking for ideas, and I really had been wanting to play with this one for a while.   The black, was not my choice – but I think it makes it kind of look vintage-y, particularly with my fabrics.  The prints are kind of all over the place – I wanted them scrappy enough to be able to blend in with other people’s blocks – there’s some vintage fabrics, some modern and traditional prints, which I threw in there to kind of tone down the orange – and then there’s a couple of cheesy novelty prints ( Something promoting a Demi Lovato movie, and some Hannah Montana ) in there too just because I think its funny to throw them into scrappy projects.   It’s going to be hard to let these go, I like them so much.

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Stash Stack Club

My Stash Stack Club Shipment for January!

A few weeks ago I signed up for Pink Castle Fabrics’ Stash Stack Club. I had been wanting to sign up for a fabric club for a while, but I was really not wanting to sign up for anything that would be too cutesy or country or whatever some months. I wanted something useable. I think that this one is going to fit the bill just fine. Every month you get a selection of modern fabrics in a given color. This month was obviously purple, and I’m pretty pleased with my first selection.

So after several months I’ll have a selection of prints that are more my aesthetic. Granted I love my very large stash of fabric, but because it was mostly gifted to me – a lot of it is fabric I would have never chosen for myself.  And while it does fine for scrappy projects, it’s very hard to make a more coordinated piece.  It will be also nice to have more contemporary fabrics to mix into what I have already.

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So I splurged a Bit…

I am terrible at cutting.  Just so terrible.  Especially when it comes to the dreaded 2.5 inch strip.  So I’ve been eyeballing die cutters for a while now and last week I took the plunge and got a Accuquilt Go! Baby starter set.   I haven’t really gotten a chance to use it other than a few test cuts, but it’s awesome, and I’m excited.  This is all!

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