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The best laid plans…

Since my last post – a lot of stuff happened, not the least of which was the passing of my grandmother.   In the days after, I made a handful of quilt tops, mostly because I was just too sad and heartbroken to do anything else – and I needed something to devote my frazzled and overwhelmed attention to.


I would up making Racing quilts out of all the jelly rolls in my stash.   I found them to be just what I needed.  They were fun and came together so quickly and it was nice to feel like I accomplished something.   Now that I had all these tops, I figured I should use one of them as my Christmas present for out family gift swap.  The largest of the bunch was the most masculine – so that was the one that I decided to run with.

Finishing quilts is not my strong point.  I have tons of quilt tops that I never get around to actually quilting and binding.  Binding, ugh I don’t want even get started about how much I stress over binding.  In the days leading up to finishing this one – I planned on cutting my binding out of this pretty black polka dot fabric.  But once I started cutting and making my binding I quickly got frustrated and wound up just buying some bias tape from the store.   I am very proud at how nice my sewing came out on the binding itself – so maybe next project I’ll master the cutting of the binding.


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Friday Check in

Brig with Computer Boxes

Well, I mentioned earlier that I broke the Lug’s computer last week.  Well, the new computer arrived yesterday, and a friend came over to help him put it together.  I’m glad that is mostly resolved, but we still haven’t found a great place to put his new computer – his last one was a laptop.   Right now it’s sitting in front of my desktop machine, which is okay temporarily but it’s not going to work forever.  I don’t really work a lot from my desktop, although I was thinking about moving back to it during the day for work.  I don’t know.  We’ll figure something out.   Maybe put him in the closet in the sewing room?  I think that would be fine when I’m sewing and he’s on it – but what about when we raid and are gaming together?  Blah.  Annnyway….

Nine Patch Progress

So this is my first project for my Quilting Quickly class.  Using 5″ charm squares I’m making 9 patches and I’m going to sash in between with white.   For a bit I was thinking red, but there’s a lot of red in there, and I don’t want any squares to bleed into the sashing.   Maybe I’ll put a red border on it when its all said and done.  We’ll see.

But I am really trying hard to do everything right.  Nesting the seams, matching the points, yadda yadda.  It’s funny though, I’m not having any trouble at all matching the points and getting the seams to lay flat on my Sparkle Punch project – but this one is giving me trouble.  Which is really kind of frustrating, because even though I’m self taught – I’ve kind of been doing this for a while now.  This shouldn’t be hard!

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