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January Swap – Arkansas Crossroads Blocks


So here are my blocks for my January Swap.   I actually picked this block out for my swap group – the organizer was looking for ideas, and I really had been wanting to play with this one for a while.   The black, was not my choice – but I think it makes it kind of look vintage-y, particularly with my fabrics.  The prints are kind of all over the place – I wanted them scrappy enough to be able to blend in with other people’s blocks – there’s some vintage fabrics, some modern and traditional prints, which I threw in there to kind of tone down the orange – and then there’s a couple of cheesy novelty prints ( Something promoting a Demi Lovato movie, and some Hannah Montana ) in there too just because I think its funny to throw them into scrappy projects.   It’s going to be hard to let these go, I like them so much.

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Stash Stack Club

My Stash Stack Club Shipment for January!

A few weeks ago I signed up for Pink Castle Fabrics’ Stash Stack Club. I had been wanting to sign up for a fabric club for a while, but I was really not wanting to sign up for anything that would be too cutesy or country or whatever some months. I wanted something useable. I think that this one is going to fit the bill just fine. Every month you get a selection of modern fabrics in a given color. This month was obviously purple, and I’m pretty pleased with my first selection.

So after several months I’ll have a selection of prints that are more my aesthetic. Granted I love my very large stash of fabric, but because it was mostly gifted to me – a lot of it is fabric I would have never chosen for myself.  And while it does fine for scrappy projects, it’s very hard to make a more coordinated piece.  It will be also nice to have more contemporary fabrics to mix into what I have already.

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So I splurged a Bit…

I am terrible at cutting.  Just so terrible.  Especially when it comes to the dreaded 2.5 inch strip.  So I’ve been eyeballing die cutters for a while now and last week I took the plunge and got a Accuquilt Go! Baby starter set.   I haven’t really gotten a chance to use it other than a few test cuts, but it’s awesome, and I’m excited.  This is all!

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Bad Blogger! Bad Quilter!

So right – I haven’t been blogging…but really its because I haven’t sat in front of my sewing machine in a couple weeks.  Work has been terribly busy, I’ve had a horrible head cold, and to top all of that off, one of my bassets got pyometra and had to have emergency surgery.   Recovery has been slow, but she finally seems like she is back to her normal self, and she got her sutures out yesterday.

I’m really going to try to get in the studio this evening, but it’s looking like its going to be a late workday.  I have two tops that REALLY REALLY need to be assembled.  Quite frankly I’m tired of looking at them.

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Today’s Progress!

It’s been a while since I felt accomplished with my projects – I actually feel like I got a lot done this afternoon!  First of all I got these very pretty charm packs in the mail today, I love when the mail man delivers presents! I got them cheap, and I think I’m going to put them in my future ottoman reupholstering project I’ve been daydreaming about.   The fabric is Gypsy by Felicity Miller, and I really like it a lot.

Today's Fabric Haul!

The big news though is that I finally finished assembling my 9 patches for my disappearing nine patch.   I haven’t pressed them or anything yet, I really didn’t feel like it.   I also sewed ten units for my next class project, which is going to be a pinwheel quilt.  So yeah!  Sewing!  I do it!

I also made another one of those Stitch and Slash blocks, they are really fun!

Disappearing Nine Patch Update

Paisley Stitch and Slash

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Stitch and Slash Technique

Stitch and Slash Block

Playing around with Carol Ann Waugh‘s Stitch and Slash technique, I started this little block this morning on a whim.  I didn’t really give too much of a thought to the fabric choices, but I definitely think its an interesting idea that I want to explore more.

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Disappearing 9 Patch Progress Report


Last night I was pretty determined to get some sewing in after having a couple of weeks doing absolutely nothing. This is a project for my quilting class, it’s a Disappearing 9 Patch, in Lucy’s Crab Shack.  I managed to get all the rows sewn for my 9 patches, and 3 of them assembled.  This round, in an attempt to get better at matching points, I pressed all the seams open ( I generally press to the dark ).  As you can see, I’m still not hitting them exactly, which is pretty disappointing – I pinned these too!

Also – I made another two dozen HSTs for my back door curtain project, and tidied the studio up a bit – but just a bit.   I still haven’t put my Sparkle Punch project back up on the design wall ( it fell because of the humidity when the lights were out for so long I think) , and I’m scared to move any of the pieces because it will just be harder to find the order and placement of all the units if I do.  So its still in a sad pile on the floor for the moment, maybe I’ll take care of that this evening, I know its going to take forever – but its got to be done sometime.   Barring natural disasters or family tragedy or work emergency or plague of locusts – I really want to wrap that one up this weekend.

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A week later, blah!

Riley Blake - Songbird Layer Cake & Jelly Roll

So its a week later.  I’m still overwhelmed by work, and my studio still looks like a hurricane plowed through it.  It’s probably because of the workload, but I can’t seem to get myself behind the sewing machine.  Yesterday I did press some HST’s open that were sitting on my sewing table, but that is really it.

Above is today’s fabric haul – Riley Blake, Songbird.   It’s some more fabric for my quilting class, but its like two projects away – who knows when I will get around to it.  It’s pretty though.

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Someone told me this was International Cosplay Day…

So it’s only appropriate that I spend most of the day working on the beginnings of my Halloween Costume.   I am a terrible procrastinator, and if I wait until the last minute it will never come together, so I’m starting now.  So costume party on Halloween, need something to wear.  Now the party I am going to is going to be attended by what one might call …  mundanes.  muggles.  ahem.  normal people.   So I wanted a costume that could serve me later at nerdier functions – but I didn’t have to explain who I was to everyone.  So at some point, I decided to do a steampunk Joker.   Now I realize I may have to explain “steampunk”  but at least with the green wig and the unmistakable makeup, everybody would know I was the Joker.  And with that the costuming began.

So I bought this corset.   Made by Damsel in this Dress, this is their Vixen model.  I bought it because I basically thought it was versatile for all my pirate / steampunk / renfest costuming needs.  And it is orange.  I haven’t really decided what I’m going to wear underneath – right now what I’m leaning towards is a turquoise button down.
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Little Green Cows – My Quilt Cast Supergroup Swap

Quilt Sewing Swap Haul

I haven’t had a whole lot of time to sew or work on any quilts  this week because of work stuff, but today I got my first package from a Supply Swap that I signed up for.   I really need to get my flat rate boxes so I can send mine out before it’s too late.   I’m pretty pleased with this one though – I love the potholder pattern, and check out that green cow fabric!  I will probably use these fabrics on my curtain project.

I am not really sure what I’m going to put in my two swap boxes, I’ll probably dig through my stuff tonight and figure that out.

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