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January Swap – Arkansas Crossroads Blocks


So here are my blocks for my January Swap.   I actually picked this block out for my swap group – the organizer was looking for ideas, and I really had been wanting to play with this one for a while.   The black, was not my choice – but I think it makes it kind of look vintage-y, particularly with my fabrics.  The prints are kind of all over the place – I wanted them scrappy enough to be able to blend in with other people’s blocks – there’s some vintage fabrics, some modern and traditional prints, which I threw in there to kind of tone down the orange – and then there’s a couple of cheesy novelty prints ( Something promoting a Demi Lovato movie, and some Hannah Montana ) in there too just because I think its funny to throw them into scrappy projects.   It’s going to be hard to let these go, I like them so much.

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Swap Nightmare!

It was bound to happen basically.  I’ve been a pretty active swapper since the summer, and I hadn’t had a bad experience yet.  Until now.  The swap itself I was excited about – scrappy hexagons!  I love hexagons – and I could get enough to make some pillows out of or something.  That would be awesome.

My first package arrived from the moderator of the swap – they were perfectly made, and actually kind of intimidated me, because I wasn’t sure I would be able to accomplish the same level of skill.

But my second package showed up, and proved that nobody was going to even bat an eye at my n00b sewing skills.  It was not the right size.   Nor were all the pieces hexagon even, look closely at that top left piece.  I am not sure what happened here, honestly.  But after you get something like that, it is really hard to send your pretty blocks out.

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Little Green Cows – My Quilt Cast Supergroup Swap

Quilt Sewing Swap Haul

I haven’t had a whole lot of time to sew or work on any quilts  this week because of work stuff, but today I got my first package from a Supply Swap that I signed up for.   I really need to get my flat rate boxes so I can send mine out before it’s too late.   I’m pretty pleased with this one though – I love the potholder pattern, and check out that green cow fabric!  I will probably use these fabrics on my curtain project.

I am not really sure what I’m going to put in my two swap boxes, I’ll probably dig through my stuff tonight and figure that out.

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Online Half Square Triangle Swap!

I’m in an online swap group over at, and we’re doing a Half Square Triangle Swap – and I’m loving getting all these awesome bits in the mail!  Today I had two envelopes full, so of course I had to play and arrange them for a bit ( instead of tending to that large pile of work that is gathering in my inbox )  I’m planning on using them to make curtains for my double back doors – so I may have to make a few more sets myself before I start piecing them.

Also….I am ashamed to admit…I bought MORE Fabric!   I saw a very reasonably priced Box O Scraps™ and I couldn’t help myself.   I have a particular weakness for the Box of someone else’s scraps idea – and it’s been a long time since I purchased one, so I figured – what the heck, I could always use 5lbs of someone else’s trash to make treasures out of!

Quilting Todo for Today:  I WILL put at least an hour into assembling my Sparkle Punch Quilt.   I will not make excuses like yesterday ( Note to Self: It’s August, Spork – It is going to be hot this afternoon.  Suck it up! )  Edited to Add:  Mission Accomplished!

Non-quilting Todo for Today:  At least an hour reading work books.  You Bought all those Work related books….now read them!  Edited to Add:  I so did not get any reading done.  Instead I watched Great Balls of Fire and putzed around on my computer.

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