Say… here in the dark, Would you, could you in the dark?

I swear I had plans for last night.   I’m in the middle of a Sparkle Punch Lap Quilt for a friend’s mom who donated  bags and bags of fabric to my stash, and I really wanted to make some progress on it.  But even before the rain started – my lights were out.   How does that even work?  I will never understand the power grid here in Hammond.  So instead, I sat in the dark and read.   The lights were out for a good 3 hours or so , just enough to start getting all gross and muggy.  Bleh.

Yesterday wasn’t all bad though – I got my Charm packs in the mail!  I’m a couple years into this whole quilting thing – but I’m completely self-taught.  So there’s a LOT of gaps in my knowledge base – and as a solution I’m taking an online class with my mom.  We’re starting from the beginning over at Craftsy, taking the Quilting Quickly class.   I’m pretty excited about it. In retrospect, I probably should have gotten some coordinating solids – this little quilt is going to be super busy!

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2 Responses to Say… here in the dark, Would you, could you in the dark?

  1. Katie says:

    Love Sparkle Punch so far! Your fabrics go well together. That quilt is on my todo list too.

  2. sporkfoo says:

    Thanks! It’s been a fun one so far – Hopefully I’ll get it all pieced together this week so I can start quilting over the weekend!

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