Someone told me this was International Cosplay Day…

So it’s only appropriate that I spend most of the day working on the beginnings of my Halloween Costume.   I am a terrible procrastinator, and if I wait until the last minute it will never come together, so I’m starting now.  So costume party on Halloween, need something to wear.  Now the party I am going to is going to be attended by what one might call …  mundanes.  muggles.  ahem.  normal people.   So I wanted a costume that could serve me later at nerdier functions – but I didn’t have to explain who I was to everyone.  So at some point, I decided to do a steampunk Joker.   Now I realize I may have to explain “steampunk”  but at least with the green wig and the unmistakable makeup, everybody would know I was the Joker.  And with that the costuming began.

So I bought this corset.   Made by Damsel in this Dress, this is their Vixen model.  I bought it because I basically thought it was versatile for all my pirate / steampunk / renfest costuming needs.  And it is orange.  I haven’t really decided what I’m going to wear underneath – right now what I’m leaning towards is a turquoise button down.

I found this green wig on ebay for about 10 bucks.  I’m glad I ordered it early because apparently it’s coming from Japan and will probably take forever.   It will probably be really gross and super cheap, but I like the color, and in the picture it doesn’t look too bad, right?


I also ordered a pair of welding goggles ( steampunk, remember? ) off ebay, and they arrived this morning in the mail.  So I got to work modifying them, and in about a half hour, with some rub n buff and a sheet of iridescent cellophane I had this:

I’m pretty pleased with the outcome!  I’ll probably do the Lug’s tonight – he’s going to be Dr. Horrible.

My next bit of alteration were of a pair of 6 dollar oxfords I picked up from Goodwill this morning.  They were just plain black, so I had to Jokerize them.  They are kind of a little bit more Rockabilly than Steampunk, but whatever – I think they look awesome.


Other Goodwill finds included a great purple pair of slacks that just need to be hemmed, and a jacket I may dye and chop up a bit.   I was disappointed in the lack of good belts, but I will keep my eye out for more in the days leading up to halloween.  What I still need:   I want a holster and a bang flag gun I think, but those flag guns really don’t look like real guns – so I don’t know.   More belts so I can make strappy harnessy stuff.  And if I feel really creative, I may want a steampunky squirting flower.  That may be too complicated though, but we will see.

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