This Weekend, and beyond

Weekend to-do list:

Well before I start sewing – I need to do work work.  So that comes first.  I have a site migration and template buildout.   Both are pretty pressing, but they are paying me early ( for some reason I don’t know ) for the migration so that will probably come first.

As far as quilting goes First and foremost I need to finish my Sparkle Punch top.  No excuses.  It needs to be off my design wall and ready for basting.  Serious.   It needs to be done.

First Project for my quilting class

Number two:  the 9 patches for my Charm Square Quilt project for my Quilting Quickly class?  Need to be done.  The sashing can wait until next week, but those blocks will take no time and need to be assembled. Actually, I might do that tonight while the Lug is putting together his new computer.

There’s something else I really really need to tackle, but I just really don’t want to do it.   My fabric stash is a giant mess, and I can’t find anything in it.   It’s awful.   Everything needs to be pressed, it all needs to be organized, and I don’t have any room for any of it.  See Below.  Not pictured is a very large suitcase, and a big rubbermaid full of fabric.  Ugh.

My disaster of a fabric stash.

Lastly – I wanted to kind of explain where I want to go with all this business.   Right now, in my quilting I am working towards developing a skillset, and trying to get all the technique down so I can move towards a more fine art approach to quilting.  My background is in art and design – and I want my quilts to eventually become a more personal body of functional artwork.  It goes a bit deeper than that really, into a discussion art vs. craft, and why so much creative work – seriously hundreds, thousands of years of pieces made by women’s hands are dismissed as “craft”, or as something lesser.  But that is really a long discussion and rant for another time when I don’t have my workday breathing down my neck.   I need to get to it before the natives turn on me….

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