I did zero sewing this weekend. So there’s that.

I don’t have a picture for this post – mostly because I didn’t sew at all this weekend.   Saturday we got hit with the tail end of Tropical Depression Helene, and the lights were going on and off, and I was in no mood to sew anyway.   Since Katrina changed everything back in 2005, August usually is surrounded with a certain amount of weather anxiety for me.   It’s always there in the back of my head – I’m always calculating the hurricane plan.   If I can make it past Labor Day without being waterlogged – I will count this year as a success.

So right.  I didn’t sew at all.   I also couldn’t really work with the lights going in and out – so I didn’t make much progress there either.   Mostly I just snuggled up with the pets and read.  It wasn’t the worst way to spend a rainy Saturday.

This evening though, I definitely have a date with my sewing machine.   I want to get all my 9 patches done for my Charm Square Quilt. I manged to assemble 3 blocks this morning, but tonight – IT WILL BE FINISHED!  My mom finished hers yesterday, so now I’m the one who is behind.

Also as a sidenote – I was invited to a Halloween Party last night, so that is an upcoming project that I have to start thinking about.  I’m thinking something steampunky, just because that is fun – either a steampunk Mad Hatter, or The Joker.   I am leading towards the Joker because I saw an awesome cosplay of one last week.  It was a whole lot girlier  than I would do it – but it gave me lots of ideas.  I will probably be making everything except the corset / bodice piece. I do have all the hardware to make one somewhere in my closet – but I lack the sewing expertise…serious foundation garments are WAY above my pay grade.

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  1. Spork's nanny who loves her says:

    I swear I read that last line as “gay pride”.

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