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So let’s see – what have I been up to?

This Sunday the Mom came over and we worked on The Secret Project™ for a while, and she also brought me a new quarter inch foot – so that was cool.  I managed to make some progress on the Sparkle Punch quilt, but not as much as I would like – there’s all kinds of drama afoot from all directions.  Families = Crazy.  Yep.

Big Box of Scraps Fabric Haul

And my big box of scraps came in the mail yesterday – there’s some highs and lows in there.  A lot of woven countrified plaids – meh.  And quite a few tweeny novelty prints – blah!   Of course this only led me to take the most offensive of the bunch and add it to my scrappy HST collection.  Only one clearly says “Hannah Montana”  after everything was sliced and diced, so I guess it could have been a lot worse.

Latest HST Progress Report.

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Online Half Square Triangle Swap!

I’m in an online swap group over at, and we’re doing a Half Square Triangle Swap – and I’m loving getting all these awesome bits in the mail!  Today I had two envelopes full, so of course I had to play and arrange them for a bit ( instead of tending to that large pile of work that is gathering in my inbox )  I’m planning on using them to make curtains for my double back doors – so I may have to make a few more sets myself before I start piecing them.

Also….I am ashamed to admit…I bought MORE Fabric!   I saw a very reasonably priced Box O Scraps™ and I couldn’t help myself.   I have a particular weakness for the Box of someone else’s scraps idea – and it’s been a long time since I purchased one, so I figured – what the heck, I could always use 5lbs of someone else’s trash to make treasures out of!

Quilting Todo for Today:  I WILL put at least an hour into assembling my Sparkle Punch Quilt.   I will not make excuses like yesterday ( Note to Self: It’s August, Spork – It is going to be hot this afternoon.  Suck it up! )  Edited to Add:  Mission Accomplished!

Non-quilting Todo for Today:  At least an hour reading work books.  You Bought all those Work related books….now read them!  Edited to Add:  I so did not get any reading done.  Instead I watched Great Balls of Fire and putzed around on my computer.

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I can’t stop buying fabric!!!!

Today I wound up buying more fabric – I was poking around Connecting Threads – and saw that they had VERY reasonable charm packs.   The next project for my Quilting Quickly class is a disappearing nine patch using charm squares, so I picked up a handful of their Riviera II charms.  I’ve got a Grandma’s Flower Garden project in their Riviera line that I will probably be working on until I die, and I really think the bright florals are just so happy and fun.

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Say… here in the dark, Would you, could you in the dark?

I swear I had plans for last night.   I’m in the middle of a Sparkle Punch Lap Quilt for a friend’s mom who donated  bags and bags of fabric to my stash, and I really wanted to make some progress on it.  But even before the rain started – my lights were out.   How does that even work?  I will never understand the power grid here in Hammond.  So instead, I sat in the dark and read.   The lights were out for a good 3 hours or so , just enough to start getting all gross and muggy.  Bleh.

Yesterday wasn’t all bad though – I got my Charm packs in the mail!  I’m a couple years into this whole quilting thing – but I’m completely self-taught.  So there’s a LOT of gaps in my knowledge base – and as a solution I’m taking an online class with my mom.  We’re starting from the beginning over at Craftsy, taking the Quilting Quickly class.   I’m pretty excited about it. In retrospect, I probably should have gotten some coordinating solids – this little quilt is going to be super busy!

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